What was your situation before coaching?

"I was completely reconsidering software development as my career. I had hit a low point at work, my confidence was extremely low, and despite being a pretty good engineer, I was delivering poor results.
 I was unable to find motivation to maintain my performance. All in all, I was feeling pretty dejected."


What was the core problem you wanted to solve?

"I had been in the industry for a few years now, and was starting to hit a wall in motivation. I was starting to question the career in general, so I really wanted to discover if this was still the right career for me or if I should pursue something else.

When I first started my career in software, my passion and energy for learning and performing were immense. I felt invigorated and confident. Things looked promising.

Over a few years at the same company, I was starting to grow restless. The problems I was solving were not maintaining my interest. I wasn't sure if this was because my initial interest in software was artificial (did I psyche myself up in the beginning so I could break into this career?) or if this company was a poor fit for me.

I entered the job market again, but while taking interviews, I felt completely listless and apathetic. I was barely invested in my interviews, which prompted me to question the career in general. Shouldn't I be excited to join a brand new company? Emotionally, I didn't feel so.

If I wasn't emotionally invested, was this still the right path for me?

This is the question I've been ruminating on for the past few months. I haven't made much headway on an answer on my own, and by the time our coaching started, I was desperate for an outside perspective from someone knowledgeable who's 'been there before'."


What hesitations did you have? Were you reluctant about anything?

"I assumed my situation was too vague and open-ended to make any real progress on. I was essentially coming to the coaching session with the very philosophical question, "what should I do with my life?"

I thought it presumptuous of me to put such a personal question to someone I had just met, so I was most reluctant about this.

I also felt a bit guilty, almost childish, in asking this question. I know how lucky I am to be in such a lucrative (and interesting) career. How many would switch places with me in a heartbeat if they could? As I started the coaching sessions, I almost felt self-indulgent to be asking such questions." 


What have your results been so far?

"I find it remarkable how much value I've gotten in just a few short sessions.

Learning about the values we should expect from our work life, I realized I had shut out parts of myself in an effort to double-down on advancing my career. The creative and playful sides of me had been ignored. And to compensate for this, I was subconsciously expecting my job to provide these values to me. I was expecting my job to compensate for my lack of balance in my own growth. This high-expectation was a huge reason in my unhappiness at work.

I now approach my work-life balance more appropriately. I'm making time to cultivate the other parts of my character. The result of this is that I'm starting to enjoy work again. I'm not seeing it as the entirety of my life, but an important part of it.

Specific to software development, the coaching has given me practical techniques to work more efficiently and with less stress. I used to have a very sporadic mind as I started my work day. With your advice, I've felt more organized mentally and less rushed, so I'm able to work more peacefully.

At a grander scale, learning how you've developed your world views, both concerning work-life and the individual's spirituality, has been illuminating and motivating. I've modeled your approach to develop my own views on the real meaning behind why I work in software.

My views are still developing, but the initial impact is I'm starting to see my career as something more than just a source of income. It's really about service and giving. I hadn't yet heard a highly-successful engineer talk about his profession with devotion and heart-centeredness. Hearing you speak of software in this way reassured me this career could fulfill a larger purpose for me than just provide an income."


What's worked for you?

"I appreciate the resources you pointed me to during just the first few minutes of our first coaching session. Those books have already been incredibly valuable for me. I'm starting to re-connect with my essential self in a way that I haven't done ever in life. I'm trusting myself to know the answers within.  It's immensely empowering.

I also really enjoy how present you are during each session. I can see and feel that you are completely invested in our time together. Seeing you operate with such purpose and presence is inspiring.
Your coaching seems very organic and natural. The fact that there isn't a rigid structure actually puts me more at ease, as if I don't have to prepare anything before the coaching, I can just come as I am. It's helped to shed away the social layers I carry all day, at least for that hour we spend together."


Would you recommend this experience to others?

"Yes I would, simply because you deliver results.

Learning about your own roller coaster journey from being an extraordinarily successful engineer at such a young age, to battling depression, to finding purpose and meaning in work – I can understand how you can relate to a wide range of problems that most engineers face. This experience makes you incredibly effective.

You're also a very introspective individual, both towards yourself and others. The insights you can offer from this are worth the coaching."


Anything else you'd like to add?

"I appreciate your directness and authenticity. It's really encouraging to see you operate on very sound values, especially in the tech industry which can often be consumed by material aspects."